Alchemy Fruit is a material that increase an unit's skill level by 1, which will shorten the unit's skill cooldown.

Most units are require 4 Alchemy fruits to max out their skill level. Certain units, mostly festival units and Ultra-Wizard units, may need 6 Alchemy Fruits instead.

Tip: Once an unit's skill level has reached max, fusing more Alchemy Fruit will not shorted it's skill cooldown anymore, so be careful not to use more apples needed.

How do I get this unit? Edit

  • The player will recieve Alchemy Fruit on third day during daily bonuses.
  • It is also possible to recieve Alchemy Fruit from the Link Hacther.
  • The locked quest "Break throught those stat limits! - Fruit Bliss" also gives Alchemy Fruits and other limit break materials as drop loot.
  • The 24 hour limited solo quest "Apples Everywhere" can also provide Alchemy Fruits.

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