The Battle Cats is a free-to-play strategy tower defense game developed by PONOS for iOS and Android mobile devices. The app had a collaboration event with Crash Fever during April 2017.

Battle Cats X Crash Fever Crossover is held during 14 April to 28 April 2017. The event includes cool crossover quests, special Hatchers that feature cool characters from Battle Cats, crossover missions that let you earn bonus items that can be used in Battle Cats app and many more!

Gifts Edit

All players who log in during this event will receive a max-level and max skill level 5★ Apple Cat with 60 bugs as a special gift.

Crossover Quests Edit

1. Crossover Quest [Cat Army Invasion!]

Cat Army Invasion

2. Crossover Quest [Bahamut Cat Invades!]

Bahamut Cat Invades

3. Crossover Quest [Crazed Cat Descends!]

Crazed Cat Descends

Special Missions Edit


Hatchers Edit

  • [Battle Cats Crossover Hatcher #1]
  • [battle Cats Crossover Hatcher #2]

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