• Nightmare TJ

    My game is broken

    April 27, 2017 by Nightmare TJ

    I can not colect my mission rewards because i cant scroll. I have the same problem in the event mission and enhancment screen. Am i just doing it wrong or is this a problem other people have.

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  • PBComplexion

    Hi, I've editing the Wikia whenever I felt like it but I definitely won't last long with the updates like this. I can't be the only one updating this. Is this Wikia dead because if it is, I'll stop. Doing this alone is tiring and I have other stuff I'd rather do too if the Wikia is dead.

    If you want to see this Wikia up to date, I need help. Bloggers, Coders or whoever. Even unit information and images will help. If you guys want to learn, I could create a page on the very basics of how to edit the Wikia. But I'm an amateur myself so please take note of that. Just give me a heads up and I'll do so in the next couple of days, depending.


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