Ideal UnitsEdit

Unit Reason


Turing (UA)

  • Good HP tank for 1F
  • C Skill: HP based damage and heal


Heisenberg (UA)

  • C Skill: Massive damage
  • Skill: Damage and green panel rate boost



  • C Skill: Boost green units REC
  • Skill: Spawn 7 bombs, can reset board


Gáe Bolg

  • C Skill: Massive damage
  • Skill: ATK Boost and spawn bombs, can reset board



  • Skill: ATK boost
  • C Skill: Deity killer



  • C Skill: Boost green units ATK
  • Ability: 15,000 HP barrier


1F – Suzaku, GenbuEdit

E0432 1

Target Suzaku first and save heart panels for after he attacks, as he will hit you for about 12k for the first 2 attacks. Having a Recovery-type unit as the third party member helps quickly heal the damage. 

Make sure to create crash panels; chaining panels and keeping the board moving so there’s a steady income of healing panels is important. Continue damage and healing through the attacks from both units. Once Suzuka is dead, kill Genbu. Genbu's damage is dependent on his health; low health=HIGH damage. It is therefore recommended to either skills or FEVER to kill Genbu at once. 

2F – Byakko, SeiryuEdit

E0432 2

Target Seiryu first and try to finish him off as quickly as possible. He hits for over 11,000 damage, so you don't want him to stay alive for too long. Byakko will heal slightly once he dies, but if you focused on Seiryu, it shouldn’t matter. Feel free to use skills or FEVER is they’re up. 

3F – Unawakened QilinEdit

E0432 3
  • Bar 1 - Qilin will begin with an ATK up buff, and you will have 3 turns before she attacks. The buff will dissappear after the first hit, but it will deal over 16,000 damage to an all-Green party, so heal yourself to full before this lands. After this, she starts hitting for about 9000 per regular attack. 
  • Bar 2 - Same as the start of the first bar, she will cast a self ATK up for the first attack. Heal yourself up, then slowly bring her down to 50% health. At 50% health, she will cast haste and increase her attack frequency to 1 turn. You want to activate your skills here and take her down immediately.

4F – Awakened Qilin Edit

E0432 4
  • Bar 1 - Preemptive attack: Qilin will cast blind for 3 turns, making the screen dark; you either need to remember where panels are, or run your finger over panels to highlight them. Just attack normally and heal when needed (she may also disable heart panels, so plan accordingly with skills and remaining life). 
    SAVE FEVER here as you will need it for the next phase
  • Bar 2 - Preemptive attack: Qilin will randomly spawn 10 junk panels. (Note: this may be a random or triggered attack, and does not always appear). Activate FEVER here to clear the junk panels. She has a 1 turn attack frequency, so be sure to take her down as quickly as possible. 
  • Bar 3 - Qilin will deplete your FEVER gauge, and deal about 5000-9000 damage per turn. Use skills to build up your FEVER gauge and keep your HP topped up. Once your FEVER has been filled, use it and finish her off.