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Ideal UnitsEdit

Unit Reason


  • C Skill: Mass effect against Unidentified
  • Skill: Red unit ATK mass. boost


  • C Skill: Low ATK boost
  • Skill: Converts Timer Panels to Red Bomb


  • Skill: Extra tap, ATK boost
  • C Skill: Boost ATK

Heighway (UA)

  • Skill: Convert Timers to SCP


  • C Skill: Boost Red unit ATK
  • Skill: Timer Panels to Red
  • Ability: Boost strength against Unidentified


1F – Happy, ShokiEdit

E0644 1

Happy will grant the party immunity to sleep for 30 turns. You must reach Shoki by this time, since he will cast permanent sleep with his first attack. This is not a true floor, as there is no fighting; Happy will leave and you proceed to the next floor. 

2F – Yuki, YuuyaEdit

E0644 2

Yuki will use an ATK down debuff, which is troubling due to the 30-turn limit. Kill her first, then direct attention to Yuuya. Yuuya will use a 5-turn virus attack that deals low damage, but has a killer ability to units suffering from virus, so he can hit hard. Still, his attack frequency is low, so it's not too much trouble. 

3F – Daidara, TemariEdit

E0644 3

Temari attacks every turn for 6000 damage or more (~9000 damage 5-hit combo special), so focus on her immediately and kill as quickly as possible. Daidara will spawn junk panels, but attacks for low damage. 

4F – Yomi, FugaEdit

E0644 4

At 30% health, Yomi will use a green panel absorption attack for massive damage; make sure to lower her life before this point, then burst to finish her.

Fuga will continuously lower ATK and REC, so make sure to deal with this, or kill him first if you cannot reverse with skills (remember the 30-turn limit). 

5F – ShokiEdit

E0644 5
  • Bar 1 - Shoki's first attack causes permanent sleep. If you have taken more than 30 turns to reach him, you must kill him in 1 turn.
    Aside from sleep, he will attack with 3 or 4-hit combo attacks for high damage, so defense and counter work well. 
  • Bar 2 - Shoki will use a preemptive attack to cause very high probability of Timer Panels appearing. He will also use attacks that deal high damage (~8000) and protect either yellow or blue panels. 
    At 50% health, he will activate a 3-turn counter attack buff. You must either disable the counter and kill him, or deal with the Timer panel damage (both do ~7500 per hit). 
  • Bar 3 - Shoki will use a preemptive attack to convert C Panels and debuff their chain requirement number for 3 turns. He will use attacks that either protect Heart Panels, protect 12 random Panels, or protect Timer Panels. Again at low life, he will activate a counter. It's best to kill him as quickly as possible from the start of the round.