Active Skill
Skill Name: Sea Sword Lævanteinn Lagoon Turns: 14

(MAX: 8)

1 Green Panel to Magnet (Green/Green) + 12 panels to CP + Boost Green Panel rate 2 turns.
Crash Panel Skill
Skill Name: Ocean Praise Song
Massive damage to 1 enemy + Green DEF boost for 2 turns.
Ability 1/2
Ability 1: Protect Break
When in front, ignores Protect and can destroy panels.
Ability 2: CP Break (12) Tap Boost REQ BUG 30
When in front, destroy at least 12 Crash Panels in 1 turn for 1 extra tap when in front.
Alternate Base Unit
Related Units
0575 > 0576 > 0826

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